: The Proposition Song

>> From Daniel Weintraub’s blog for the Sacramento Bee

Kim Alexander and her Cal-Voter singers now have a video version up of their Proposition Song. As usual, it’s a great summary of the ballot summary. You know it’s going to be spot on right from the start when they manage to make the distinction that Prop. 1A is about the sales tax on gas as opposed to the gas tax. That’s some amazing subtlety for a song that covers 13 props in just three minutes.

Pictures on Flickr

I am trying something new. I will be posting a select few pictures on the blog, but more pictures will be posted at Flickr. So visit to see the pictures that didn’t make the ‘blog cut’. They are still worth viewing.

VSLive 2006 – Day 3

Tuesday was the first day of the really good technical stuff. Most of the day had high quality content and I think I learned a great deal. I have even begun planning how I will use the knowledge back at Salem.
Tuesday night has a tradition of Midnight Madness where the attendees play games, see more demos of software, raffles, etc. Totally geeky stuff. It is fun when I have attended in the past, but I was just wiped out so I skipped it to go to bed.

VSLive 2006 – Day 2

Monday —
The 2 morning sessions were a mixed bag. The first session was rather boring as it was on the topic of technology that was not going to be released for about another 2 years, but the second session was extremely valuable. The rest of the scheduled sessions for the day were of the same nature as the first, less-than-valuable session. So after lunch we decided to use our complimentary ticket to one of the parks. We took a water taxi from the hotel to Disney-MGM. It was open until 9p with an additional 3 hours for resort guests. We stayed until about 11:30pm with the last couple of hours spent repeatedly riding the Tower of Terror and the Rock and Roll-er coaster.

VSLive 2006 – Day 1

Pre- Conference Workshop
Ugh, after a very late night ( I was very wired to finally be here, so I was awake until about 2:30a, and only slept fitfully ) my wake up call arrived much too early at 6:30 am.
I ate breakfast at Fresh
Mediterranean Market
. No character breakfast, but a pretty good buffet. Lunch was a box provided by the conference that I only nibbled at because I want to save room for dinner. We will be going to Downtown Disney to see what restaurants are available. If we run out of options there, then we will drive over to International Drive, which apparently has many more choices.
Downtown Disney was packed, probably due to Mother’s Day. We ended up having take away from a fish and chips shop.