Lucy doesn’t like Mark

As is her habit, Lucy was reading the Bible via the YouVersion app this morning.  I saw that she was in chapter 1 of Luke, and I asked her if she was enjoying it.  She didn’t comment on Luke but said that she didn’t like the book of Mark because it was “just a review of everything that happened in Matthew.”

Lucy Laughter

No sooner was the party complete than I have to finish up the little details of the renter’s room.  I spent Sunday afternoon working on assembling a roll-top desk.  I had the kids ‘helping’ me.  They were mostly yelling and dancing and singing while I tried to decipher the cartoon based instructions.  At one point Lucy said to me, "Don’t look, Dad."  So of course I looked.  I waited 3 beats and turned my head to see Lucy dropping trow(sers) and giving Max a full moon.  I laughed and laughed.

Later, Lucy said to Toby "Mom, how big is your bottom?"  I kept my mouth shut and waited to hear the answer.  Toby said, "It is the perfect size for my pants, so I am happy with it." (She was wearing sweatpants).  Lucy would have none of this.  She said, "No, I mean how many inches around is it?"  I couldn’t keep it in any more.  My laughter allowed Toby to make a get away and avoid the answer.