Revenge of the Rats

The rats are dead and gone, but not forgotten.  They have left their marks, even from the grave.  Not only does my garage still reek, but they got into many things that I would not have expected, like the plastic water tubing for the ice-maker in the fridge.

When we pulled the reefer out of the garage to install it in its new home, we saw that the rats had chewed through much of the exposed plastic tubing that feeds the chilled water and the ice-maker.  The lumber yard had many of the fittings and tubing to effect the repairs, so it seemed like a minor inconvenience.

“Seemed” is the operative word.  Although we didn’t see any damaged tubing, there must be some, because when we turned on the water to the reefer, water started pouring out of the bottom.  We found a new section of damaged tubing, but even after we repaired that, the water was dripping out.

So I’m going to have to call for service.  That will be fun, explaining that the rats ate my tubing.

Also, I found another dead rat in the garage.  This was was long dead from the time of the poison.  Hopefully the garage smell will return to normal.