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My goal is to get the final inspection signed off before the end of 2009.  A couple of weeks ago, the Carpinteria inspector, Jeff, came by to talk about what needed to be done to get the final sign off.  He had a list of 5 things that he needed to see completed before the final inspection.

We worked on the list and we have completed all of the tough tasks.  The main 3 things that needed to be done were:

  • Have a solid divider between the mechanical space under the stairs and the conditioned, living space.  This was completed by using one of the old doors that we removed.  This door is temporary as we have plans to build a hinged book case in this space.  But for now, the door should satisfy the requirements.
  • Have a working kitchen sink.  We have the sink dropped in.  I just have to hook up the water and the drain.  Toby picked out a Franke Composite Granite single bowl sink.  It is very large.   Below is a picture from the Lowe’s website.
    No counter tops, but the sink is in.


  • Have a stair rail for the first flight of stairs.  I would have loved to not have a stair rail, but the building code in California requires one.  Pop and Kevin spent a long time making this just right.  It is not painted, but it is solid.

I will do the final hookups to the kitchen sink on Saturday and then call the inspector, hopefully for the last time.

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