We’re In!

We continue to work on the cabinets for the kitchen and the bathroom.  We also finished up all the ‘safety’ features that are required to get a ‘partial occupancy’ sign off from the building inspector.  Since we have this sign off, we cut out a portion of the master bedroom wall to make a passage way between the old house and the new construction.  It is very convenient to be able to stay inside the house when going to the second floor.

This picture shows the guest bathroom with vessel sink and glass countertop.  The hole for the drain pipe was about 1/4 of an inch too small, so Pop drilled it out with a hole saw for glass.  It was very nerve-wracking to be drilling the hole.  One mistake and the countertop could be ruined.  But he successfully widened the hole.  Notice how close the washer is to the countertop?  Tight fit.

The flash really picks up the dust in the area.  I am removing a window to make a passage way from old to new.

Here is the new kitchen with 1/2 of the granite countertops in place.  The microwave does excellent popcorn.

Lucy is jumping for joy that we have moved the bedrooms up stairs.