Off to a Rough Start

Toby booked us at a motel near LAX tonight before we fly to Lexington tomorrow.  I had to be at an all day training session and so it was decided that Toby would pick me up from work so I wouldn’t have to drive back to Carp and then back down to LAX.

Toby called me in the afternoon telling me that she was having problems using the online check-in procedure for Northwest Airlines.  She said that she was swamped and I agreed to look into getting us checked in.  A little sleuthing turned up the fact that we couldn’t check-in online because we had a fare difference of $460 *per ticket* that must be paid before check-in.  I called Toby and she said that when she had made the flight changes that the reservation agent had assured her that there were no additional charges.  She said, "I’ll take care of it". 

20 minutes later she called me back and said that I should now be able to use the online check-in system.  While she was in the process of telling me that she would leave in about 10 minutes to pick me up, she started screaming like crazy.  Really loud.  LIKE REALLY REALLY REALLY LOUD.  After a full minute of screaming, I was finally able to make out "AAAAAAAAAAHHHH THERE IS A MOUSE IN THE SINK AAAAAAAAAAHHHH HE’S TRYING TO JUMP OUT. AAAAAAAAAAHHHH I’ll call you back." Click.

So here I sit, wondering if my wife was eaten by the mouse in the sink.  How come the vermin show up only when she is by herself?