Tahoe CMas Vacay – Day 1

The trip from Carpinteria to Tahoe, via Sacramento, on Friday was super easy.  We flew Southwest Airlines out of Burbank, and loaded up the back airplane stairs, per usual.  I explained to Lucy and Ro that although we get our seats a bit faster by using the back stairs, since other airports don’t de-plane from the rear, we end up being some of the last to de-plane.  To my great surprise, Sacramento airport used 2 sets of stairs to de-plane.  Awesome!

We are staying at The Lodge At Lake Tahoe, in South Lake Tahoe.  We are about a 10 minute walk from Stateline, NV,  It is a bit strange, being in a place that doesn’t have any Christmas decorations in the rooms.  On Saturday, Roly and I needed to do some last minute shopping and other than that, we didn’t have any other plans.  So, inspired by one of the mini stories in Dragon’s Merry Christmas by Dav Pilkey, we got some art supplies and a bag of multi-colored candy, and decided to make our own Christmas decorations.  We made 2 Christmas wreaths, and 1 Christmas tree.  We used candy as the decorations for the tree and color in the wreaths.  Even Max jumped in to help out.

Tahoe Christmas decorations craft party

Tahoe Christmas decorations craft party

Pleased with the results

Very pleased with the results

Tahoe Christmas Decorations from Matt Theule on Vimeo.