It won’t be long now . . .

Roly made it through his circumcision with flying colors this morning. There were a few moments of F.U.D. (fear uncertainty doubt) yesterday evening because of a mixup with who the pediatrician is. Since the kids pediatrician is a member of a large medical network (Sansum Santa Barbara), and Sansum has its own on-call pediatrician, all peds work should have been done by the Sansum peds as opposed to the hospital’s on-call pediatrician. However, Wednesday morning the hospitalist came to do Roly’s first exam.
Toby explained that Roly would be seeing the Sansum Peds and that he would be (according to the nurses) doing the circ (the hospitalist doesn’t do circs, one has to make a separate appointment). The hospitalist agreed and would make a note in the chart.
We had been told that the procedure would be quick and were expecting that the Sansum Peds would do the procedure later that day. By 4p, no Sansum Peds had come by, and so since Toby was a bit more coherent than when she came out of surgery (I’ll let her tell you about that experience) she began to work on making sure the circ happened while we were still in the hospital. She was motivated by the memory of Max not getting a circ appt until he was 6 weeks old (he ended up getting in on a cancellation at 9 days). By this time of day, the Sansum Peds was gone, and we were in the dark as to how to proceed. Our nurse didn’t know why the hospitalist had come by and went to work for us to figure everything out. The confusion lay in the fact that while the kids see a Sansum pediatrician, Toby’s primary physician is her OBGyn, Dr. Green. Since Dr. Green is NOT a Sansum physician, Roly was not automatically a Sansum patient. This explained why the hospitalist saw Roly. The hospitalist was true to her word and she had made arrangements with the Sansum Peds to get the procedure done on Thursday morning.
All is well that ends well.