Ultrasound Video

When Max was ultra-sounded, I took a video of the screen with our handycam.  This enabled us to see the video and record what the doctor was saying at the same time.  We were not allowed to make our own recording of Lucy’s ultrasound, but were instead instructed to bring a VHS tape and we would be given a copy. 

Now, being 2010, Toby asked if we could get a copy of the ultrasound.  She was told to bring a VHS tape.  Huh?  We don’t have any extra VHS tapes, so I made a special trip to the drug store to buy a new blank one.  What I found out was that, like cigarettes and condoms, VHS tapes are kept behind locked glass at the Carpinteria CVS store.  I had to call over the only employee in the store to unlock the cabinet and hand me a $3 blank VHS tape.

We arrived at the Dr.’s office, armed with our VHS tape, and while I was out of the exam room, Toby asked about still using VHS.  He said they now have a DVD burner and graciously burned us a copy of the ultrasound video. 

Although there is no sound or narration, you can see the shape of our newest addition-to-be.

P.S.  Does anyone have a need for a blank VHS tape?  I just took the shrink-wrap off of it.

Baby Theule #3 – Ultrasound from Matt Theule on Vimeo.

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