Dodger Game for Mother’s Day AND Lucy’s 5th Birthday

Matt managed to SCORE on our Dodgers tickets for Mother’s Day.  It was a very last minute decision to go, and what would have cost over $82.00 on the Dodger website for nosebleed seats, we got on Craigslist for $40.00 – and really great seats.

The day was full of wonderful things for Lucy, too – including her first Build a Bear experience, as our present to her.  We’ve now added ‘Rainbow’ to Lucy’s vast collection of beloved stuffed animals.  She had a great time – and after picking Rainbow a new dress to wear, actually declined getting her a pair of shoes!  Wow – I’ll have to remember that when she is 14 and wants more shoes.

After slogging through some LA traffic, we got to the game near the end of the first inning.  They were playing the Giants, which was interesting, since that is the name of Max’s Little League team (he wasn’t quite sure at first who to root for).  God’s mercies were abundant that day; it was very un-crowded, we were sitting in the shade, and the kids really enjoyed themselves (especially when yummy foods were being consumed).

Room to stretch out and get my feet tickled

Wow – what a cool field.  Glad we don’t have to mow it!

I didn’t mind sharing my day with this sweet 5 year old.

Especially when she still magically falls asleep when she needs to!

For our biggest surprise of the day:

Earlier I had been the food-getter while Dad and the kids stayed put.  I was on the hunt for some juice for Lucy and asked an employee about it, mentioning that it was her birthday.  He took me far and wide, but no juice was found.  I told him it was no problem, I saw some frozen lemonade and that would be great.  So several innings later – a section manger came over with a big bag of goodies for the birthday girl!  Amazing – and slightly unnerving that they had found me in my seat that I had never mentioned (thought I was one of the only people not in Dodger Blue), but truly some awesome customer service.  So since Lucy was sleeping and doesn’t care much for baseball schtuff, Mr. Max got a wonderful Merry Un-Birthday bag of a Bobblehead, baseball cards and other neat stuff.  Such a day!