This year is Poppa and YaYa’s Ruby wedding anniversary.  Toby and Jan have been planning a surprise party for them for about 6 months.  The party included 25 of their closest friends coming to our house for brunch and then a Santa Barbara tour on the Land Shark followed by a dinner at Moby Dick on Stearns Wharf .
It was very hard to keep the surprise for so long, with so many people.  There were a couple of incidents that could have blown it, especially near the actual date, but it turned out to be a complete surprise.  At the brunch, many people gave toasts / roasts, and Jan’s was especially heartfelt.

Some of the collaborators (from left) Jan, Ted (hidden), DJ, Steve, Sue (sitting), Bill, Wally, Burt, Denise (sitting) Sandy, Bonnie, Judy

Hiding behind Mike and Sylvie pictures when the happy couple walked in.

A successful surprise!

The Land Shark tour vehicle

9 Dec 2009 – UPDATE
Here is a picture from Jan’s camera