Bye Bye Binky

We recently took away Lucy’s pacifier for good. We had been whittling it down for a while, only allowing her to have it for sleeping and car rides. But soon after her birthday (has Toby put those pictures up yet?) and our vacation, we had a mini party to cut up the ‘binky’ while Gran was in town. Then Lucy (with Mom’s help) took some scissors and cut up the binkies and threw them in the trash.

She's happy now, but not for long

She’s happy now, but not for long

Toby made up a song for the occasion. >> Lucy has been crying alot at naps and bed time. She wants her binky, a lot. We talk about it and she knows that her binky is in the trash, but that is little comfort. Last week, I was putting her to bed and, as usual, she asked for her binky. I went through the whole rigamarole and she told me that her binky was in the trash. Then her face cleared up and she got a sly smile on her face as she said ‘Thumb binky’ and put her thumb in her mouth. Luckily the thumb was not a great subsitute and she only sucked it for a day or so. When we took away the binky, her naps went from typically 3 hours long to about a hour and a half long on a good day. It has been a rough transition for all involved.