Max – isms

When we were having pre-breakfast bed cuddles (mostly to keep warm these days), I told Max that when we go to Oregon for Christmas, we’ll go sledding. BUT we will leave sister Lucy with her Gran, because I know she’ll get fussy in the cold very quickly. He said with tears, “I don’t want to go if she doesn’t go!!” (amazing when the care for her comes out – but I’m sure he’ll change his mind about the sledding. 🙂 In the kitchen during breakfast Max said, “When you and Dad are close to heaven, then Baby and I will have babies!” I said, “Yes, you will marry someone and Lucy will marry someone and you will have your own babies.” He said, “But I want to marry Lucy!” I said, “Buddy, you can’t marry your sister. Dad and I aren’t brother and sister. We have different moms and dads, remember?” He seemed very confused by this. Last month we watched the wonderful animated movie about Moses “Prince of Egypt.” Max REALLY liked it so we picked up from the library – “Joseph – King of Dreams.” It’s also by Dreamworks, with similiar animation and songs. He is liking this one very much as well – and said yesterday with glee, “I can’t WAIT to see more movies about the Bible!” He’s been having some trouble with the presents under the Christmas tree. One of them rattles, just like a box of Legos would. This is VERY hard for him, and daily he tells me that he is sad, or frustrated, etc to have to wait. We’ve prayed together often about this, to ask God to help him be patient, and to focus on other things. This morning he was having a hard moment again. Then he said, “But sometimes I decide to change my mind, and think about the Bible and not the present box.” Amen!