The Music I Listen To

I seemed to have stopped enjoying new music about the time I got married. My favorite bands / albums are definitely from the late 80’s to mid 90’s. I don’t normally listen to music radio anymore, I can’t receive KROQ where
I live. I just laugh at myself because there is a number of internet radio stations
that I could be listening to, but instead I just put in a They
Might Be Giants
CD. I really like Mink
(Max’s favorite track is Man
It’s So Loud In Here
(click to listen)
), but my all time favorite remains Flood from
1987. Birdhouse
In Your Soul
(click to listen)
just finished playing. Other bands that have
been ripped for my pleasure, in no particular order:

The newest music to enter my life has been from Tim
. He has a number of full length songs available
for download
from his website.