Word of the day

I found a great word the other day. I came across it in a way that is wonderfully indicative of the communal nature of blogging. I was reading my
cousin’s blog
and perused his list of frequently read blogs. I clicked on the
link to the 21st
Century Reformation
blog and skimmed through the entries there. That blog has
a huge amounts of links. These links are grouped by topic and one topic is ‘aggregators’.
(For those who don’t know, an aggregator is a website or a computer program that subscribes
to various blogs and brings all those blogs’ posts into one central location. I highly
recommend the use of an aggregator for reading blogs, you can make your own at Bloglines.)
Listed as the first aggregator is League
of Reformed Bloggers
. One of their entries on that day was titled with the previously
unknown word. I had never heard of this word and so clicked down to the
at the Parableman
. Below is a teaser, I encourage you to read
the whole post

I’ve been struggling with the idea that we have no
shorthand for the view that homosexuality is abnormal and morally aberrant. Most who
hate such a view call it homophobia, but there’s a clear distinction between those
who have this view and those who truly don’t like people who are gay, are uncomfortable
with gay people being involved in their life in any way, etc. Well, now I’ve seen
a term that sounds to me as if it’s just simply descriptive of the view in question. Someone
who considers heterosexuality normal and/or normative is heteronormative

Heteronormative also got a write up
by Michael Medved in yesterday’s
on Beyond
The News